Helminthic NEMATODES Round Worms Tissue Nematodes TRICHINELLOSIS Diagnosis Treatment

Helminthic Infections Cestodes NEMATODESFILARIASIS Lymphatic Systems Disease Causes Diagnosis Signs and Symptoms with Treatment. Read more ... » (Round WormsEchinococcosis or Hydatid Disease Infection Causes Signs and Symptoms Diagnosis with Treatment. Read more ... »)

NEMATODES (Round Worms) df
Cestodes NEMATODES (Round Worms)
  • Nematodes are elongated and symmetrical round worms. They are classified as intestinal or tissue nematodes.

Helminthic Infections Tissue Nematodes TRICHINELLOSIS

  • It develops after ingestion of meat containing cysts of Trichinella, like pork or other meat.
  • Infections are usually mild and asymptomatic. Heavy infections can cause enteritis, periorbital edema, myositis and sometimes death.
NEMATODES (Round Worms) uj

Lab findings of Helminthic Infections

  • · There is marked eosinophilia, increased IgE, in­creased creatine phosphokinase level, rise in ti­tre of of parasite antibody.
  • ·Larvae may be seen in histopathologic section.

TreatmentEchinococcosis or Hydatid Disease Infection Causes Signs and Symptoms Diagnosis with Treatment. Read more ... » of Helminthic Infections

NEMATODES (Round Worms) w
Cestodes NEMATODES (Round Worms) Life Cycle

Visceral and Ocular larva migrans Helminthic Infections-

  • It is a syndrome caused by nematodes which nor­mally do not infect the humans. They migrate through the host and cause eosinophilic inflammation. Example is Toxocara canis.

Cutaneous larva migrans –

  • Creeping eruptions or cutaneous larva migrans is ser­piginous skin eruptions due, to larvae of hookworms which usually attack the dog and cats, called Ancy­lostoma braziliense.
  • It is especially common in children.
  • There are erythematous lesions which are pruritic. Vesicle and bullae may form later.

Treatment of Helminthic Infections

  • Ivermectin – 200 mg/kg or Albendazole 200 mg BD for 3 days.

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