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Schistosomiasis  Flat Worms Signs and Symptoms  Clinical features with Diagnosis Treatment

These are flat worms which can cause morbidity and mortality. They are also called adult flukes and in­vade blood, intestine, lungs and biliary tree.


Schistosomiasis  Flat Worm
Schistosomiasis  Flat Worms
  • Man is the definitive host and snails are intermediate hosts.
  • One of several parasitic diseases due to infestation with blood flukes belonging to the genus Schistosoma.
  • The flukes may colonize the urinary tract, mesenteries, liver, spleen, or biliary tree, causing symptoms from these organs
  • Human infection occurs by direct penetration of skin or by ingestion.
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Schistosomiasis  Flat Worms Life cycle


Human infection is caused by 5 species:

  • · S. mansoni
  • · S. japonicum
  • · S. mekongi
  • · S. intercalatum
  • · S. hematobium.
Schistosomiasis  Flat Worm h
Schistosomiasis  Flat Worms Signs and Symptoms

Clinical features of Schistosomiasis


  • There is itchy, maculopapular rash on the skin. There is fever, lymphadenopathy, hepatosplenom­egaly.
  • There is peripheral blood eosinophilia.
  • There may be portal hypertension, abdominal pain, bloody diarrhoea.
  • There may be ascites, coagulation defects, Hydronephrosis may occur because of obstruction of ureters due to granuloma formation
  • Pulmonary hypertension, cor-pulmonale, hemoptysis, may occur.
  • CNS schistosomiasis may occur.


Treatment Schistosomiasis

  • Praziquantel – 25 mg / kg 3 doses in single day.