Sick Sinus Syndrome SSS Symptoms Causes Diagnosis with Treatment

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Several electrocardiographical abnormalities caused by a malfunction of the sinoatrial node of the heart, in which there are episodes of tachycardia alternating with episodes of heart block or severely decreased heart rate, often with loss of consciousness

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Arrhythmia Sick Sinus Syndrome

TreatmentCirrhosis and COMPLICATIONS of CIRRHOSIS with Treatment. Read more ... » of the sick sinus syndrome


First degree sino atrial exit block

  • This cannot be recognized on ECG.


Second degree SA block

  • There are intermittently absent P waves.


Third degree or complete SA block

  • There is no atrial activity and another pacekmaker takes over.
  • Sinus pauses of more than three seconds are abnormal.
  • Sinus pauses of more than five seconds require a pacemaker.
  • Maneuvers which slow the sinus rate are carotid sinus massage and Valsalva maneuver.


Treatment of sinus node diseaseCirrhosis and COMPLICATIONS of CIRRHOSIS with Treatment. Read more ... »

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