Ajamoda Apium leptophyllumconsists of dried aromatic fruits Ayurvedic medicinal herb

Ajamoda Apium leptophyllum consists of dried, aromatic fruits Ayurvedic medicinal herb   lATIN NAME — Apium leptophyllum Family — Umbelliferae   SYNONYMS of Ajamoda Apium leptophyllum —   Sanskrit    : Dipyaka Assamese    : Bonjamani, Yamani, Ajowan Bengali    : Randhuni, Banyamani Kashmiri    : Fakhazur, Banjuan Gujrati      : Bodi Ajamo, Ajamo Hindi        : Ajmuda, Ajmod Kannada    : […]

Intestinal Infaction Nematodes ASCARIS Lumbricoides Signs & Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment

Intestinal Nematodes Infaction ASCARIS LUMBRICOIDES Ascaris lumbricoides is a species of Ascaris that lives in the human intestine and adults may grow to 12 in. long. Eggs are passed with the feces and require at least 2 weeks’ incubation in the soil before they become infective Ascaris lumbricoides, an intestinal roundworm, is one of the most […]

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