VARICEAL BLEEDING Clinical features Diagnosis and Treatment

VARICEAL BLEEDING Clinical features Diagnosis and Treatment VARICEAL BLEEDING It results from portal systemic venous collaterals when portal hypertension is more than 12 mmHg. Clinical features,: There is painless hematemesis, tachycardia and even shock. VARICEAL BLEEDING Differential diagnosis : Peptic ulcer and gastritis. Endoscopy is done for proper diagnosis. Variceal bleeding is serious emergency patients […]

Type of Anaemia Megaloblastic Anaemia And Treatment

Diagnosis of Megaloblastic Anaemia and Treatment — Megaloblastic Anaemia The megaloblastic anaemias are disorders caused by impaired synthesis of DNA. Due to slow cell division, the cells are large, called megaloblastic cells, with more RNA than DNA. There may also be ineffective erythropoiesis. Most megaloblastic anaemias are due to deficiency of cobalamin j vitamin B12 […]

Hemoglobinopathies Sickle cell Thalssemia Diagnosis Treatment

Causes of Hemoglobinopathies Blood disorders Syndromes Diagnosis Treatment —   Hemoglobinopathies Oxygen is delivered to tissues by hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is present in erythrocytes in high con­centration and is responsible for the shape of the cell, viscosity of blood and cell deformability. Hemoglobinopathies are disorders of structure, func­tion or production of hemoglobin. Different hemoglobins are produced during embry­onic, […]

Aplastic Anaemia Causes Symptomes Diagnosis And Treatment

Aplastic Anaemia Causes Symptomes Diagnosis And Treatment Aplastic Anaemia   Anaemias associated with normocytic and normochro­mic red cells and low reticulocyte response (reticulo­cyte index less than 2.5) are called hypoproliferative anaemias. These include iron deficiency anaemia, anaemias in chronic inflamation, renal disease, hypometabolic states and anaemias due to bone marrow damage. APLASTIC ANAEMIA Is a […]

Polycythemia Vera My­elofibrosis Thrombocytosis Cause Diagnosis Treatment

 Polycythemia Vera Diagnosis Type And Treatment Polycythemia Vera Diagnosis   Chronic myeloproliferative disorders are due to over­production of one or more of the formed elements of blood. These are polycythemia vera, chronic idiopathic my­elofibrosis, essential thrombocytosis, chronic myeloid leukemia. Definition Polycythemia Vera My­elofibrosis Polycythemia vera is a clonal disorder with ac­cumulation of phenotypically normal red cells, […]

Anaemia due to iron deficiency Causes and Treatment

Iron Deficiency Anaemia symptoms , iron deficiency Causes and treatment — Anaemia Hypoproliferative anaemias — are anaemias with normocytic and normochromic red cells and low reticu­locyte index <2.5. Hypoproliferative anaemias are · Iron deficiency anaemia (there is microcytic hypochromic anaemia) · Acute and chronic inflammation with anaemia · Anaemias in malignancy · Anaemia associated with renal […]