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Approach to Chest Pain Differential diagnosis of chest pain

Chest pain or chest discomfort  may occur due to some minor illness or may be due to some serous illness, or may be an emergency condition.   chest pain   Causes of serious chest pain – Acute ischemic heart disease, or aortic coronary syndrome, Aortic dissection, Tension pneumotherix, Pulmonary pneumothorex, Pulmonary embolism. The different condition […]

Clinical features and Diagnosis of Unstable Angina(UA) / NSTEMI with Cardiac Biomarkers in Angina

Clinical features of Unstable Angina(UA) / NSTEMI — There is chest pain in the substernal lesion or epigas­trium radiating to neck, left shoulder and left arm. There is severe discomfort or pain. Anginal equivalents like dyspnoea and epigastric dis­comfort are also frequently present. There is diaphoresis (increased sweating), pale skin, sinus tachycardia, third and fourth […]

Management of Unstable Angina (UA) / NSTEMI Anti-ischemic treatment

Management of UA / NSTEMI ,with Anti-ischemic treatment -,uses of  Nitrates  and Beta adrenergic blockers . Risk stratification and Prognosis Early risk within 30 days for death and new infarction is about 10%. Patients at high risk are age more than 65 years, 3 or more risk factors for CAD, documented CAD, angina inspite of aspirin, […]

Risk factors in hypertension for adverse prognosis with Etiology of hypertension

Risk factors for adverse prognosis in hyperten­sion  with Etiology Non-whites Youth (young) and Males Diastolic blood pressure consistently more than 115 mmHg Smoking and Alcoholism Diabetes mellitus Hypercholesterolemia Obesity End organ damage Cardiac enlargement ECG showing ischemia or LVH with strain pattern MI (myocardial infarction) 9< CHF (heart failure) Eyes – retinal haemorrhages, exudates and papilledema […]