How to take good medical history & examination

Medical History — record the history as follows — In medical science The History taking is an art which comes by Experience examination main present complaints history of present illness previous history of illness [females] menstrual history family history previous treatment history social and occupation history psychiatric history, etc. systemic examination GIT,Abdomen,Pelvic systems  — pain– site, […]

Coronary Angiography -Indications of Coronary Arteriography (Angiography)

  Coronary Arteriography (Angiography) Radio-opaque dye is injected into a peripheral artery and coronary arteries are visualized for any obstruc­tive atherosclerotic lesions. cardiac catheterization was primarily a diagnostic procedure that was used to evaluate ventricular function, and coronary anatomy hemodynamics,. diagnostic catheterization and percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) are done by skin puncture ,under local anesthesia, […]