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Growth and Development Disorders GHD Diagnosis Treatment

DISORDERS OF GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT Growth is dependent on GH, IGF, sex steroids, thy­roid hormones, paracrine growth factors and cytokines. Growth also requires caloric energy, amino acids, vi­tamins and trace metals. Short stature results due to intrinsic and extrinsic factors which impair growth. Growth  GHD Causes may be : Most common cause of GHD in children […]

Primary Hypertension due to Endocrine adrenal Hypertension Adrenogenital syndrome Oral Contraceptives

Endocrine Hypertension adrenal Hypertension primary hyperaldosteronism there is sodium retention ion with loss of potassium. So there is natremia and hypokalemia with hypertension. diagnosis is by serum K+ level estimation. hyperaldosteronism may be due to a tumor Iateral adrenal hyperplasia. The tumor may be removed and the hypertension curable. diseasese patients of hypertension are not […]