Ventricular Tachycardia VT Diagnosis Causes Clinical features with Treatment

  Cardiac Arrhythmias —   Ventricular Tachycardia VT – Three or more consecutive ventricular ectopic complexes (duration greater than 120 ms) occurring at a rate of 100 to 250 beats per minute.   Diagnosis of VT (ventricular tachycardia)     At least 3 consecutive wide QRS complexes Rate at least 100 per minute Usually rhythm […]

Cardiac Arrhythmias Definitions Mechanisms and Methods for Detecting Arrhythmias

Cardiac Arrhythmias Types and Definitions Mechanisms with Methods for Diagnosis Arrhythmias   Mechanisms of arrhythmias Problems of impulse formation i.e. automaticity. Problems of impulse conduction i.e. Block I Reentry.   Methods for Detecting Arrhythmias Is to monitor the ECG, Transtelephonic monitoring, Holter monitoring, invasive ECG recordings. Transtelephonic monitoring Cardiac monitoring in which the patient uses a […]

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