Identify Your Body Dosha

These are some of the most common questions based on various researches in People behaviours and lifestyle, with regarding to their Body types, Just simply give these all questions with some patience and just press the calculate button and you will got the average score of your body Dosha accoding the Ayurveda- the Ancieant Science of Life.

Body Dosha

Identify Your Body Dosha (VATA, PITTA, KAPHA) Type

  This is a General Idea about your Body type according to Ayurveda dosha, These dosha have different kind of effect on our physical and mental pscycologycal conditions, by knowing the body dosha type we can avoid the things which will makes complications and misbalance the dosha in our Body, Ayurveda tells about the Balancing of Dosha and Dhatu in the Body for Better Health,

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