Agitation  General View Agitation refers to a state of hyperarousal, increased tension, and irritability that can lead to confusion, hyperactivity, and overt hostility. It can arise gradually or suddenly and last for minutes or months Agitation alone merely signals a...

Abdominal Rigidity

Abdominal Rigidity General Signs and Symptoms Abdominal Rigidity [Abdominal Muscle Spasm, Involuntary Guarding] Distinguishing voluntary from involuntary abdominal rigidity is a must for accurate assessment. Review this comparison so that you can quickly tell the two...

Thyrotoxic crisis or Thyroid storm

Thyrotoxic crisis or thyroid storm It is a life-threatening hyperthyroidism with fever, seizures, coma, vomiting, diarrhoea, jaundice. A rare but often life-threatening medical emergency resulting from untreated hyperthyroidism Death can occur due to cardiac failure,...

Secondary hypertension Renovascular hypertension

SECONDARY HYPERTENSION Secondary hypertension is the name given to the hypertension of which the cause is known, and can be corrected in many cases to cure the hy­pertension. Renal hypertension : This is due to either renal se­retion of vasoactive compounds resulting...


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