Arbuda or Cancer Ayurvedic Review

The above mention is various meanings of the word “ARUBADA”. We are considered “ARUBADA”as a disease process including the meaning “One hundred millions” means cancer cells are concerned more with growth in the since of reproduction it self than with the function....

GREEN TEA Health Benefits

GREEN TEA The plant CAMELLIA SINENSIS is the source of leaves with which green tea is prepared .all green tea comes from this plant .the different varieties have been divided on the basis of their place of origin and appearance.   GREEN TEAORIGIN: China has been...

Identify Your Body Dosha (VATA, PITTA, KAPHA) Type

Identify Your Body Dosha These are some of the most common questions based on various researches in People behaviours and lifestyle, with regarding to their Body types, Just simply give these all questions with some patience and just press the calculate button and you...

Overview of Basics of AYURVEDA With Fundamentals

AN OVERVIEW OF AYURVEDA FUNDAMENTALS OF AYURVEDA • Most ancient science of the world. • Considered as Upaveda (subsidiary) of Atharva Veda. • Vedas are oldest recorded wisdom on the earth. • Ayurveda survived through two sets of original authentic texts. • Each set...


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