Snayu Dusti :-

  • Kasayapa has mentioned that Snayu Pratana are originated from the Mastulunga Mula (Kasayapa. Sha) Trauma to Snayu can also lead to the poverty of movements (Su.Su–25/37, M. Ni.– 43/21),
  • pathological state of Snayu is Snayugata vata which is manifested as Bahyayama, Antarayam, khalli, Kubhjata, Sarvangavata and Ek Angagata Vata.
  • In these pathological conditions sometimes Snayu Sosa is also found (Ca.Ci.– 28/5). So in Kampavata involvement of Snayu by vitiated Vata is an important pathological factor which is characterized by Stambha (rigidity), Kampa (tremor) Shula (pain),and Akshepaka (Su.Ni-1/27)

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