Details About Generic Salt ::  Magnesiu

Main Medicine Class:: Laxative   

(mag-NEE-zee-uhm SIH-trate)
Citrate of Magnesia, Citro-Nesia,  Citro-Mag
Class: Laxative


Drugs Class ::

 Action Attracts and retains water in intestinal lumen, thereby increasing intraluminal pressure and inducing urge to defecate.

Indications for Drugs ::

 Indications Short-term treatment of constipation; evacuation of colon for rectal and bowel evaluations.

Drug Dose ::


ADULTS: PO 1 glassful (approximately 240 ml) prn. CHILDREN 2–6 YR: PO 4–12 ml. CHILDREN 6–12 YR: PO 50–100 ml. Repeat if necessary.

Contraindication ::

 Contraindications Hypersensitivity to any ingredient; nausea, vomiting or other symptoms of appendicitis; acute surgical abdomen; fecal impaction; intestinal obstruction; ndiagnosed abdominal pain; intestinal bleeding; renal disease.

Drug Precautions ::


Pregnancy: Pregnancy category undetermined. Lactation: Undetermined. Children: Exercise caution; consult physician. One 6-week old infant developed magnesium poisoning after several doses for constipation. Abuse/dependency: Chronic use of laxatives may lead to laxative dependency, which may result in fluid and electrolyte imbalances, steatorrhea, osteomalacia and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Fluid and electrolyte imbalance: Excessive laxative use may lead to significant fluid and electrolyte imbalance. Rectal bleeding or failure to respond: May indicate serious condition requiring further attention. Renal impairment: Avoid in patients with renal dysfunction. Hypermagnesemia and toxicity may occur due to decreased clearance of magnesium ion.


Drug Side Effects ::

 Adverse Reactions

CV: Palpitations. CNS: Dizziness; fainting. GI: Excessive bowel activity (eg, cramping, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting); perianal irritation; bloating; flatulence; abdominal cramping. OTHER: Sweating; weakness; fluid and electrolyte imbalance.

Drug Mode of Action ::  

 Action Attracts and retains water in intestinal lumen, thereby increasing intraluminal pressure and inducing urge to defecate.

Drug Interactions ::


Nitrofurantoin: Reduced anti-infective action. Penicillamine: Reduced action of penicillamine. Tetracyclines: Impaired absorption of tetracyclines.

Drug Assesment ::


  • Obtain patient history, including drug history and any known allergies. Note symptoms of appendicitis, fecal impaction, renal disease or small bowel obstruction.
  • Observe for distended abdomen and auscultate for presence of bowel sounds.
  • Monitor for electrolyte imbalances and dehydration.
  • If nausea, diarrhea, abdominal distention, increased abdominal pain or rectal bleeding occur, notify physician.
  Severe/protracted diarrhea, fluid and electrolyte disturbances, hypermagnesemia

Drug Storage/Management ::


  • Chilling medication or giving with ice may improve palatability.
  • Administer on empty stomach and give with full glass of water to increase effectiveness of medication.
  • Store in tightly closed container in cool dry place.

Drug Notes ::

 Patient/Family Education

  • Explain that drug should not be used routinely for constipation; ependence can result.
  • Instruct patient to report any of these symptoms to physician: nrelieved constipation, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal fullness, rectal bleeding, dizziness and muscle cramps.
  • Review information on proper use and storage of medication.

Disclaimer ::

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