The Brand Name ATRISOLON Has Generic Salt :: Atropine 

ATRISOLON  Is From Company Intas Priced :: Rs. 16

ATRISOLON have Atropine is comes under Sub class #N/A of  Main Class #N/A

Main Medicine Class:: #N/A  Sub Medicine Class :: #N/A 

 Salt Name :  OR Generic Name Form Price : MRP /Probable Packing
Atropine  DPS  Rs. 16  5ML
Brand Name Company / Manufacturers Strength Unit Price / 5ML
 ATRISOLON  Intas  1,0.25,0.5;%  5ML Rs. 16

Company  Brand Name  Salt Combination Main Medical Class Sub Medical Class
 From Intas :: ATRISOLON  Atropine  #N/A #N/A

Indications for Drugs ::

Bradycardia, Organophosphorus poisoning, Anesthesia adjunct

Drug Dose ::

Adult: IV Bradycardia 500 mcg every 3-5 mins. Total: 3 mg. IV/IM Organophosphorus poisoning 2 mg every 10-30 mins until muscarinic effects disappear or atropine toxicity appears. Child: 20 mcg/kg given every 5-10 minutes. IM/SC Premed in anesth 300-600 mcg 30-60 mins before anesth. Child: >20 kg: 300-600 mcg; 12-16 kg: 300 mcg; 7-9 kg: 200 mcg; >3 kg: 100 mcg. Doses to be given via IM/SC admin 30-60 minutes before anaesthesia. IV/IM/SC Poisoning or overdosage w/ compd having muscarinic actions 0.6-1 mg, repeat 2 hrly.

Contraindication ::

Glaucoma, chronic respiratory disease, sick sinus syndrome, thyrotoxicosis, cardiac failure, pyloric stenosis, prostatic hypertrophy.

Drug Precautions ::

Reflux oesophagitis, elderly, infants and children. Pregnancy.

Drug Side Effects ::

Dry mouth, dysphagia, constipation, flushing and dryness of skin, tachycardia, palpitations, arrhythmias, mydriasis, photophobia, cycloplegia, raised intraocular pressure. Toxic doses cause tachycardia, hyperpyrexia, restlessness, confusion, excitement, hallucinations, delirium and may progress to circulatory failure and resp depression. Eye drops: Systemic toxicity esp in children, on prolonged use may lead to irritation, hyperaemia, oedema and conjunctivitis. Increased intraocular pressure. Inhalation: Dryness of mouth, throat. Potentially Fatal: Atrial arrhythmias, AV dissociation, multiple ventricular ectopics.

Pregnancy category ::
Pregnancy category


Drug Mode of Action ::  

Atropine is an anticholinergic agent which competitively blocks the muscarinic receptors in peripheral tissues such as the heart, intestines, bronchial muscles, iris and secretory glands. Some central stimulation may occur. Atropine abolishes bradycardia and reduces heart block due to vagal activity. Smooth muscles in the bronchi and gut are relaxed while glandular secretions are reduced. It also has mydriatic and cycloplegic effect.

Drug Interactions ::

Additive anticholinergic effects with quinidine, antidepressants and some antihistamines.


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