Details About Generic Salt ::  Desmopressin 

Main Medicine Class:: Genito Urinary System   Sub Medicine Class ::  Anti Diuretics

PK: A: Rapid (SL) E: Urine

Indications & Dose: DIABETES INSIPIDUS PO Adult 0.05mg BID, subsequent dosage should be adjusted according to response. Total oral daily dosage should be adjusted b/w 0.1-1.2mg divided into 2 or 3 daily doses as needed to obtain adequate anti-diuresis Child Same as adult dose | IV/SC Adult MD 2-4µg/day in 2 divided doses Child >12 yr: Same as adult dose | NSL Adult 10-40µg (0.1-0.4mL) in 1-3 divided doses daily Child 3 month-12 yr: 5-30µg/day (0.05-0.3mL of solution containing 0.1mg/mL) in a single evening dose or in 2 doses | HEMOPHILIA A/von WILLEBRAND DISEASE IV Adult Inf: adults and >3 months 0.3µg/kg given, in case of surgery the drug should be administered 30mins before procedure Child >3 months: Same as adult dose | NSL Adult 300µg (0.1mL or 1 spray from the spray pump into each nostril of a solution containing 1.5mg/mL), <50 kg: 150µg (0.1mL or 1 spray from the spray pump into a single nostril of a solution containing 1.5mg/mL). In case of surgery, drug should be given 2h before surgery Child >3 month: Same as adult dose | PRIMARY NOCTURNAL ENURESIS PO Adult 0.2mg HS, dose may be titrated up to 0.6mg to achieve the desired response. Treatment is continued for 6 months Child >6 yr: Same as adult dose

Contra: Hypersensitivity, history of hyponatremia, moderate-to-severe renal impairment, type IIB von Willebrand’s disease, cardiac insufficiency/other conditions requiring diuretic therapy, severe hepatic dysfunction

Precautions: Thrombotic events, habitual/psychogenic polydipsia, CVD, elderly, cystic fibrosis, nocturia & nocturnal enuresis, fluid & electrolyte imbalances

ADR: Serious: Hypotension, tachycardia, facial flushing, hypersensitivity reactions, water intoxication, hyponatremia, convulsions, Others: headache, nausea, abdominal cramps, pain & swelling at Inj site, local irritation, congestion, epistaxis

DDI: Serious Chlorpromazine/Carbamazepine/NSAIDs/SSRIs/TCAs additive effects on increase in risk of water retention & hyponatremia, Loperamide increases drug levels

Monitor: BP & pulse


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