Tips and Tricks for How to manage Hay Fever

Common Symptoms of Hay Fever —

  • Sneezing attacks, a streaming nose and itchy eyes are all symptoms of hay fever, which can plague thousands of people.
  • If left untreated, hay fever can make the sufferer feel lousy.  sleep disorders due to difficulty in breathing.
  • There is a plethora of medication available on the market that can help ease the symptoms, but aiming to prevent them in the first place can be hugely beneficial.

How to Manage Hay Fever at Home

Common Causes —

  • Hay fever is caused by pollens that trigger allergies. In the UK, grass pollen is one of the most common causes of hay fever during the summer months.
  • This means the sufferers can have a pretty bad time of it from May onwards, but by understanding the hay fever triggers, it is possible to avoid irritating the condition.
  • As well as recommending the best medication for the sufferer, it is suggested that they start listening out for the daily pollen count that is usually published in the local press.
  • A count of 50 is thought to be quite high, so it is recommended that sufferer avoid going out on those days, and keeping all the windows and doors shut to avoid exposure.

Advises and Recommendations —

  • how to manage fever, types of fever and patterns of fever it may help to diagnosis the hay fever.
  • Additionally, it is advised that they use air conditioning in the car, instead of driving with the windows opens.
  • Wearing sunglasses is also a great way to protect the sufferer from getting pollen in their eyes. Itchy eyes can be hugely irritating, but rubbing them will only make the issue worse.
  • Avoiding pollen is essential to avoiding severe hay fever symptoms, thus, it is suggested that sufferers shower at the end of every day and wash their clothes, which will get rid of any pollen that might have attached to them.
  • Pets can carry pollen on their fur too, so they should be kept indoors if possible.
  • Clothes and bed sheets should not be left outside to dry during the summer months either, as that is another way of bringing pollen into the sufferer’s house.
  • If going outside is unavoidable,suffers should apply a small slick of Vaseline to their nostrils.
  • The ointment acts as a filter and can prevent pollen from going up their nose.
  • Splashing cold water on your eyes regularly can be refreshing and help ease the itchiness, but is also a good way to clear out any pollen that might be irritating them.
  • Mowing the lawn should also be avoided as it will only disturb the pollen on the grass.
  • Suffers should also keep their house clean, by vacuuming regularly and wiping down surfaces in order to banish any pollen that has made its way inside.
  • Some time patient may be breathless due to allergy reactions it constrict the bronchioles and patient may be unable to breath.
  • If symptoms of hay fever and other allergies persist and are becoming harder to manage, then it is suggested to seek further advice from your GP, who can recommend the best course of treatment.



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