Details About Generic Salt ::  Ziprasid Main Medicine Class:: Antipsychotic,Benzisoxazole    (zi-PRAY-si-done) Geodon Tablets: 20 mg (as HCl), 40 mg (as HCl), 60 mg (as HCl), 80 mg (as HCl) Injection: 20 mg/mL (as mesylate) Class: Antipsychotic/Benzisoxazole  ...


Details About Generic Salt ::  Risperid Main Medicine Class:: Antipsychotic, Benzisoxazole    (RISS-PURR-ih-dohn) Risperdal Oral solution: 1 mg/mL Tablets: 0.25 mg Tablets: 0.5 mg Tablets: 1 mg Tablets: 2 mg Tablets: 3 mg Tablets: 4 mg Class: Antipsychotic,...


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