Glomerular Diseases Causes Clinical Presentation Symptoms Etiology Treatment

Glomerular Diseases The glomerulus is a modified capillary network which delivers an ultrafiltrate to Bowman’s space. The Bow­man space continues as the renal tubule. The glpm­erular filtration rate or GFR is dependent on glomeru­lar blood flow and ultrafiltration pressure and filtra­tion surface i.e. mesangial cells. Glomerulonephritis or glomerulopathy means glomerular injury with inflammation and anti­body […]

Acute Renal Failure (ARF) Causes Clinical Features TREATMENT of ARF

Acute Renal Failure (ARF) Acute renal failure due to intratubular crystal precipitation can be seen in a variety of clinical settings, the most common being acute uric acid nephropathy Acute renal failure (ARF) is defined as a sudden decrease of normal kidney function that compromises the normal renal regulation of fluid, electrolyte, and acid–base homeostasis. […]

Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) Risk factors Causes Stage CRF Treatment

Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) OR CRD/CKD Chronic renal disease is a destruction of neph­rons of the kidneys due to several causes. The damage to renal structure and function is irr ­versib This results in uremia which leads to dysfunction of several organs. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is defined as kidney damage or glomerular filtration rate […]