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Heart blockage angioplasty Substitute Ayurvedic Medicine

How to Cure Heart Block By Ayurvedic Medicine :–  Heart attack the word itself is a horror और आपको मालूम ही है एक angioplasty आपरेशन आपका होता है ! angioplasty आपरेशन मे डाक्टर दिल की नली मे एक spring डालते हैं ! उसको stent कहते हैं ! और ये stent अमेरिका से आता है और […]

GREEN TEA Health Benefits

GREEN TEA The plant CAMELLIA SINENSIS is the source of leaves with which green tea is prepared .all green tea comes from this plant .the different varieties have been divided on the basis of their place of origin and appearance.   GREEN TEAORIGIN: China has been the leaders in terms of origin of green tea in the world […]

Diagnostic Methods in Ayurveda Trividh Pariksha

DIAGNOSTIC METHODS IN AYURVEDA (Ayurvedic Diagnosis) Trividh Pariksha (Darshan, Sparshan, Prashna). Dashavidh Rog and Rogi pariksha (CH.VI.8) Nidan Panchak. Shatkriyakal. Ashtavidh Rogi Pariksha,( including mala,mutra). Mrittikabhakshana in ‘Pandu’ Roga. 9548054700 Makshikosarpana to body, blood and urine in Madhumeha. Physical examination (rupa,rasa,gandha,sparsha) for body fluids like rakta,shukra, stanya,artava, mutra,sweda and kh-mala. Tailabindu pariksha. There were many […]


KSHINAMATI (Dementia) KSHINAMATI (Dementia) Impairment in the functioning of the Buddhi or Mati is denoted as Kshinamati which is found as clinical feature in the patient of Kampavata Basavrajiyam has considered the Kshinamati as a symptom of Kampavata. Prajna has three components – Dhi, Dhriti and Smriti Dhi – means intellect Dhriti – mean regulation […]

SMRITIHANI Loss of Memory

SMRITIHANI Loss of Memory SMRITIHANI. Definition of Memory :- Different Acarayas have given following definitions of memory, Acaraya Patanjali has mentioned in Yoga Sutra- 1/11 that unforget fullness at the internal impression in the mind of the past or movement of parts is called memory. According to Caraka Smriti is nothing but remembrance of things […]

Visada Depression Ayurveda and Modern

Visada Depression Ayurveda and Modern View Visada Depression Visada Vi + Sad + Ghan = Visada 1) Vi – Visesena Siyante Asminanena 2) Visaddhyate Anena va’ The term Visada has been derived from the Samskrta root “Sad” by applying the prefix “Vi”. Its literal meanings are stupor, depression, and despondency.   “Citta Dehayon Glani” (Dal […]

Kampavata (Parkinson’s disease)

HISTORICAL REVIEW of Kampavata (Parkinson’s disease) Kampavata (Parkinson’s disease) is a slowly progressive disease of late adult life and is one of the most prevalent neurological disorder. In Caraka Samhita ‘Vepathu’ has been described as one of eighty type of Nanatmaja disorders of Vata and Kampa has been mentioned one of the Vikera of Vata. […]