Arbuda or Cancer Ayurvedic Review

The above mention is various meanings of the word “ARUBADA”. We are considered “ARUBADA”as a disease process including the meaning “One hundred millions” means cancer cells are concerned more with growth in the since of reproduction it self than with the function. DEFINATION: Acharya Sushurta has described very clear and detailed definition. That is “The […]


Rasakshaya :- Provides the nutrition to all the organs of the body. Rasakshaya either due to its etiological factor or due to old age it self is characterized by Kampa, Hritapida and Shunyata (A.S.Su-19/6). Old age is the common age of occurrence of Kampavata and during this age physiological Rasakshaya is evident consequently other Dhatu […]

Sukra Kshaya

Sukra Kshaya : – Sukra is closely related with Rasa and Majja Dhatu as it gets nutrition from these DhatusSukrakshaya is characterized by Dourbalya (Weakness), Mukhasosa (dryness of mouth). Pandu (pallor), Sada (depression) Shrama (fatigue), Klaibya (impotency) and Sukra Avisarga (non-ejaculations of semen). Further Caraka says that excessive indulgence in Sexual intercourse leads to Sukrakshaya, […]

Ojas -Para Oja and Apara Oja

Ojas : – It is called as “Sarva Dhatu Sara” (A.S.Su-19/28 with Indu, Su.Su-15/19 with Dalhana, A.H. Su-11/37 with Ad) and is of two types the Para Oja and Apara Oja Heart is the dwelling for Para Ojas. The vessels attached to the heart are the site of other type of the Ojas. As regards […]

Gatatva or Ashrita

Gatatva Gatatva means Ashrita, and in case of Vata it is related to the vitiated Vata, which has name in fusion with particular Dhatu. Due to etiological factors responsible in the vitiation of Dosa shall ought to be utilized in the vitiation of Dusya and thus the innumerable disorders shall be the out come explained […]

Shira (Head)

Shira (Head) : – In living beings, the head is the substratum of élan vital and of all the sense faculties. So it occupies the first place amongst all the vital organs of the body and also opines as the seat of Prana. Head is the seat of Buddhi of sense organs and the channel […]

Majja Dusti

Majja Dusti : Mastulunga situated in shira is also correlated with Majja. Important functions of Majja are Sukraposhana, Preeti, and maintains of the Sneha of the body. Its pathological states are Majja Vrittavata, Majja Virddhi, Majjakshaya and Majja Gatavata, Majja Vritta Vata is evident in Kampavata, which manifests as Pariveshtanam (cramps), Vinamana (flexed posture of […]

Snayu Dusti

Snayu Dusti :- Kasayapa has mentioned that Snayu Pratana are originated from the Mastulunga Mula (Kasayapa. Sha) Trauma to Snayu can also lead to the poverty of movements (Su.Su–25/37, M. Ni.– 43/21), pathological state of Snayu is Snayugata vata which is manifested as Bahyayama, Antarayam, khalli, Kubhjata, Sarvangavata and Ek Angagata Vata. In these pathological […]

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