Vata Avritatva and Gatatva of vata

1. Avritatva 2. Gatatva of vata. Avarana of Vata :-

The process of Avarana : –

  • In Caraka it is mentioned in (Ca.Ci.- 28/60) that, when the Vata is provoked, it agitates the other Dosas i.e. Pitta and Kapha and throwing them about here and there , which it turn causes obstruction to the subtle channels of the body leading to Avarana of Vata, which leads to the diminution of the body nutrient fluid (Rasa) and other body element to, In this way Avarana of Vata is produced leading to specific group of Vata Vyadhi. In another instance also the hindrances to the kinetic movement (Gatihanan) in the sole cause of Avarana of Vata is highlighted by Carkrapani in (Ca.Ci-28/205). Therefore, in Avarana, Samprapti, the vitiation of Vata is the pivot importance while other aspects such as involvement of Kapha and Pitta.
  • Avarana is evident in Kampavata particularly following Avarana may be responsible for Kampavata.
  • 1) Kaphavritta Vyana :-

    • Its symptom are Gatisanga tath Adhikam, Gurugatrata (Ca.Ci.–28/228) Chestastambha, Stambhanam (Su.Ni–1/39,B.P.,Hansaraja), Skhalita aati and Parava Asthi Vak Graha (As. Ni – 16/50) some of these are also observed in Kampavata.
  • 2) Kaphavritta Udana : –

    • Vaksvara Graha, Dourbalya, Gurugatrata, Vaivarnya, Aruci (Ca.Ci-28/224-225) Mandagni Shita Stambha (Su.Ni.-1/35) Bala Varna– Pranasha (A.S,N.-16/49) and Kampanam (Hansraja) are its symptoms some of which are also found in Kampavata.
  • 3) Udanavritta Vyana : –

    • Its symptoms are Alpagni, Asveda, Stabhata, Chestahani and Nimilana (Ca.Ci.-28/214-215) and few of which are also seen in Kampavata.
  • 4) Majjavritta Vata :-

    • Udveshtanam, Vinamana, Jrimbha and Shula (Ca.Ci.–28/67-68) Majority of the symptoms of Kampavata are included in the above mentioned Avarana. Caraka mention that, by combining symptoms of different Avaranas, we can diagnose the condition of mixed Avarans (Ca.Ci.-28) These conditions of Avarana impair the function of concerned Vata in three ways viz–
      • I) Hyperfunctioning
      • II) Hypofunctioning and
      • III) Altered functioning which and explained in Ca.Ci–28/231, 216 and A.H.Ni–16/54.
  • The knowledge of Avarana is necessary because the physician, who after ascertaining the state of diminution, aggravation, equilibrium and occlusion of these Dosas administers appropriate therapies, never fails to be successful in his efforts (Ca.Ci–28/246-247).


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