Ojas : –

  • It is called as “Sarva Dhatu Sara” (A.S.Su-19/28 with Indu, Su.Su-15/19 with Dalhana, A.H. Su-11/37 with Ad) and is of two types the Para Oja and Apara Oja Heart is the dwelling for Para Ojas.
  • The vessels attached to the heart are the site of other type of the Ojas. As regards the first category of Ojas its volumes is fixed. Any diminution in volume (i.e. 8 drops) would amount to instantaneous death. Diminution is however possible in other type of the Ojas. Ojas is also known as “Bala”.
  • As one of its important function is to provide the support in the function is to provide the support in the functioning of all Bahya and Abhyantar Indriyas.
  • All the actions performed without hindrances (Sarvadcheshta Apratighata) are also the function of Ojas (Su.Su.–15/20) symptom of diminution of Ojas are disorientation (Su.Su– 15/28).
  • Fear complex constant weakness.
  • Worry cheerlessness, roughness, affliction of sense organs with loss of complexion, and emaciations.
  • If Ojas is destroyed human being will also perish (Ca.Su.–17/73-74).
  • The symptoms of Ojovistransa are as follows Kriyanam Aprachuryam (inability to perform the functions), Sharma (fatigue), Gatravishlesha (displacement of the organs (Su. Su-15/25).


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