Hypothalamic, Pituitary And Other Sellar Masses

HYPOTHALAMIC, PITUITARY AND OTHER SELLAR MASSES Pituitary tumors , Pituitary adenomas   : Commonest tumors are pitu­itary adenomas. These are benign and their features depend on the cell type from which they occur. They may arise from PRL, GH, ACTH, TSH, LH and FSH producing cells r;esulting in features of hyperse­cretion of the hormones. There is autonomous […]

Lymphoid Malignancies Immunological classification Etiology Diagnodis Treatment

Lymphoid Malignancies Arise from cells of immune systems. and HODGKIN’S DISEASE Lymphoid Malignancies Arise from cells of immune systems, Immunological classification of Acute Leuke­mias , Acute lymphoid leukemia (All) , 8 cell ALL is the most common cancer in child­hood. Incidence of ALL and AML increases in elderly Children with Down’s syndrome (trisomy 21) have increased risk of ALL […]

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