Medical Instruments & Procedures

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simple catheter

Plain or simple catheters


  • It is a plain tube made of rubber or synthetic mate­rial.
  • The terminal end of the tube is rounded. There is a hole just before the tip.
  • It comes in different sizes.
  • It can be used as a drain anywhere in the body even as a urinary catheter.

Foley’s Catheter



Foley’s Catheter

  • It is a self-retaining catheter which can be left inside the urethra for many days.
  • It is used in cases of retention of urine, and to mea­sure the urine output.
  • There is a small narrow tube inside a bigger tube. The narrow tube ends before the tip of the catheter and at the other end it is open.
  • From this open end saline or plain water can be pushed in with a syringe to inflate the bulb, after insertion of the catheter into the bladder. When this bulb is in­flated it is retained inside the bladder and cannot come out till the bulb is deflated.
  • It is available in various sizes denoted by F for French scale.


Malecot’s Catheter —


Malecot’s Catheter


  • It is a self-retaining catheter made of red rubber. The tip of the catheter has many slits which can retract and form a winged end.
  • This tip is stretched over a forceps for introduction through an opening and when this forceps is removed the tip retracts and is retained.
  • It cannot be passed through the urethra, so it has no use in the female patient for urinary retention.
  • It is used to drain the bladder from a suprapubic cys­totomy.
  • It is also used to drain empyema, pneumothorax, nephrostomy, gastrostomy.
  • It cannot be used in females or males per urethra as a urinary catheter.

These are common catheters which are used in general medical uses,


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