Sukra Kshaya : –

  • Sukra is closely related with Rasa and Majja Dhatu as it gets nutrition from these DhatusSukrakshaya is characterized by Dourbalya (Weakness), Mukhasosa (dryness of mouth).
  • Pandu (pallor), Sada (depression) Shrama (fatigue), Klaibya (impotency) and Sukra Avisarga (non-ejaculations of semen).
  • Further Caraka says that excessive indulgence in Sexual intercourse leads to Sukrakshaya, which proceed to various symptom including Vepathu (tremor), Visada (depression) Jadyata (dullness) Svara sada (feebleness of voice).
  • Some of which are also seen in Kampavata.
  • The Vajeekarana drugs like
    • Kapikacchu has been included in the reference (Triphaladi Mahasneha Ca.Ci–28/129),
    • (SahacharaTaila A.H.–21/67-69)
    • Dvitiya Mahamasha Taila(Cakradatta VataVyadhi-157-161)
    • Tritiya Mahamasha Taila (Cakradatta Vata vyadhi-162-164) and
    • Saptraprashtha Mahasneha (Cakradatta Vata Vyadhi-181-185).
  • (Sharangdhara M-9/111-112), Varunitaila. Mashabaladi Kvath
  • Naya–Utt.8/36-37) Prescribed for Kampavata verify the role of
  • Sukrakshaya in Kampavata. So it supports the concept of
  • Sukrakshaya in Kampavata patients.


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