Dengue feaver treatment, and Dengue feaver food suppliment

  • Dengue feaver is basicaly a viral feaver
  • like all other viral disease it is also self limitting but it have strong symptome, there is basicaly no medicine requair for dengue feaver just maintanence of homeostasis like fluide maintanence, temprature controle etc.
  • profilecticaly some antibiotic treatment may be given for precautation.
  • food supplimant — juice of papaya plant leaves it is very effective for increasing platelets count,
  • Infections: bacterial,fungal, parasitic, viral, rickettsial,


  • dengue fever treatment

IMPORTENT points about Dengue feaver  –

  • –  platelets count should be maintained, if platlets r decreasing to less to 50,000  then this should be consider for hospital addmition
  • Fever—common causes
  • Autoimmune diseases€€
  • Central nervous system disease, like including head trauma and mass lesions
  • food supplimant — juice of papaya plant leaves
  • Infections: bacterial, viral, €€rickettsial, fungal, parasitic
  • Malignant disease, especially renal cell carcinoma, primary or€€ metastatic liver cancer, leukemia, and
  • lymphoma
  • Fever—less common causes
  • Miscellaneous diseases, including€€ drug fever€€, €€sarcoidosis, familial Mediterranean fever, tissue injury,
  • hematoma, and factitious fever
  • Cardiovascular diseases, €€including myocardial infarction, thrombophlebitis, and€€ pulmonary embolism
  • Gastrointestinal diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease, alcoholic hepatitis, and granulomatous
  • hepatitis

Hyperthermia  in Dengue feaver —

  • Peripheral €€thermoregulatory disorders, including heat stroke, malignant hyperthermia of anesthesia, and
  • malignant €€neuroleptic syndrome

Dengue feaver Treatment ===

  • Most fever is well tolerated. When the temperature is greater than 40 °C, symptomatic treatment may be
  • required. A reading over 41 °C is likely to be €€hyperthermia and thus not cytokine mediated, and emergent
  • management is indicated. €€Heat Stroke, Environmental Disorders€€
  • Measures for Removal of Heat
  • Alcohol sponges, cold sponges, ice bags, ice-water enemas, and ice baths will lower body temperature. They
  • are more useful in hyperthermia, since patients with cytokine-related fever will attempt to override these
  • therapies.

Antipyretic Drugs for Dengue feaver ==

  • continuously rather than as needed, since “prn” dosing results in periodic chills and sweats due to fluctuations
  • in temperature caused by varying levels of drug.
  • Antipyretic therapy is not needed except for patients with marginal hemodynamic status. Aspirin or paracetamol
  • acetaminophen, 325–650 mg every 4 hours, is effective in reducing fever. These drugs are best administered

Antimicrobial Therapy in Dengue feaver

  • In most febrile patients,  empiric antibiotic therapy should be deferred pending further evaluation. However,
  • empiric antibiotic therapy is sometimes warranted. €€Prompt broad-spectrum antimicrobials are indicated for
  • febrile patients who are clinically unstable, even before infection can be documented. These include patients
  • with hemodynamic instability, those with neutropenia (neutrophils < 500/mcL), others who are asplenic
  • (surgically or secondary to sickle cell disease€€o
  • If a fungal infection is suspected in patients with prolonged fever and neutropenia, fluconazole is anequally effective but less toxic alternative to €€amphotericin B.

  • immunosuppressed (azathioprine, cyclosporine, or€ other immunosuppressive medications ,including individuals taking systemic corticosteroids,  ), and those who are HIV infected € Infectious Diseases: HIV€ For treatment of fever during neutropenia following chemotherapy,
  • outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy with an agent such as ceftriaxone can be provided effectively andsafely.


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