Details About Generic Salt ::  Carbidop

Main Medicine Class::    

Class: Antiparkinson


Drugs Class ::

 Action Inhibits peripheral decarboxylation of levodopa, making more levodopa available for transport to brain.

Indications for Drugs ::

 Indications Has no effect as single agent. For use with levodopa in treatment of idiopathic Parkinson’s disease, postencephalitic parkinsonism and symptomatic parkinsonism associated with carbon monoxide or manganese poisoning. Unlabeled use(s): Reduction of breakdown of L-5-hydroxytryptophan for treatment of postanoxic intention myoclonus.

Drug Dose ::


ADULTS: PO in 1:10 ratio to levodopa (eg, 10 mg carbidopa/100 mg levodopa) tid-qid. With regimen of 10 mg carbidopa/100 mg levodopa, additional 12.5–25 mg carbidopa may be administered qd or qod with first dose if needed. With regimen of 25 mg carbidopa/250 mg levodopa, 12.5–25 mg carbidopa may be added by ½–1 tablet qd or qod to maximum of 8 tablets/day (2 tablets qid) for optimal therapeutic response (maximum 200 mg/day). INITIATING COMBINATION THERAPY: Do not give carbidopa and levodopa together until at least 8 hr after last dose of levodopa was taken alone. Lower levodopa dose to 20%-25% of previous daily dose and administer both drugs at same time.

Contraindication ::

 Contraindications Hypersensitivity to carbidopa or levodopa.

Drug Precautions ::


Pregnancy: Undetermined. Lactation: Undetermined. Do not administer to nursing mothers. Children: Safety and efficacy not established for children < 18 yr. Dyskinesias: Dyskinesias caused by levodopa may occur sooner or at lower doses of levodopa when levodopa and carbidopa are given concomitantly than when levodopa is administered alone. Elderly patients: May require lower doses of carbidopa/levodopa. Neuroleptic malignant-like syndrome: Muscular rigidity, fever, mental changes and increased serum creatinine phosphokinase may occur when dose of levodopa is reduced abruptly or discontinued.


Drug Side Effects ::

 Adverse Reactions

Only adverse reactions seen with carbidopa have been associated with combined use of carbidopa and levodopa.

Drug Mode of Action ::  

 Action Inhibits peripheral decarboxylation of levodopa, making more levodopa available for transport to brain.

Drug Interactions ::

 Interactions None well documented. (See Levodopa.)

Drug Assesment ::


  • Obtain patient history, including drug history and any known allergies.
  • Monitor vital signs during period of dose adjustment.
  • Monitor glucose closely in diabetic patients. Report any abnormal results to physician.
  • If patient experiences any CNS effects (uncontrollable movements of the face, eyelids, mouth, tongue, neck, arms, hands or legs; mood or mental changes) notify physician.

Drug Storage/Management ::


  • Do not administer carbidopa and levodopa together until at least 8 hr after last dose of levodopa was taken alone.
  • Administer carbidopa at same time as levodopa.
  • Administer with food to reduce GI upset.
  • Instruct patient not to crush or chew sustained-release tablets.
  • Store in light-resistant container at room temperature.

Drug Notes ::

 Patient/Family Education

  • Remind patient to take medication with food to prevent GI upset.
  • Advise patient that onset of effect of first morning dose may be delayed by up to 1 hr.
  • Inform patient it may take several wk to few mo to experience benefit from this drug.
  • Caution patient that this drug may interfere with results of urine tests for glucose/ketones.
  • Advise patient that harmless darkening of urine and sweat may occur.
  • Caution patient to avoid sudden position changes to prevent orthostatic hypotension.
  • Advise patient that this drug may cause drowsiness and to use caution while driving or performing tasks requiring mental alertness.
  • Instruct patient not to take otc medications without consulting physician.

Disclaimer ::

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