The Brand Name ARMOUR Has Generic Salt :: Artemether 

ARMOUR  Is From Company Shinto Org. Priced :: Rs. N.I.

ARMOUR have Artemether is comes under Sub class Anti Malarials of  Main Class Anti Infectives

Main Medicine Class:: Anti Infectives  Sub Medicine Class :: Anti Malarials 

 Salt Name :  OR Generic Name Form Price : MRP /Probable Packing
Artemether  INJ  Rs. N.I.  1ML
Brand Name Company / Manufacturers Strength Unit Price / 1ML
 ARMOUR  Shinto Org.  80MG/1ML  1ML Rs. N.I.

Company  Brand Name  Salt Combination Main Medical Class Sub Medical Class
 From Shinto Org. :: ARMOUR  Artemether  Anti Infectives Anti Malarials

Indications for Drugs ::

Malaria, Schistosomiasis

Drug Dose ::

Adult(IM) 80 mg twice daily for 1 day followed by 80 mg once daily for 4 days. Maximum dose: 480 mg for 5 days. Children (IM): 3.2 mg/kg body weight /day in 2 divided doses followed by 1.6 mg/kg/day once daily for 4 days. Maximum dose: 9.6 mg/kg for 5 days.

Contraindication ::


Drug Precautions ::

Pregnancy and lactation. Avoid concomitant use of drugs known to prolong QT interval or monitor such patients.

Drug Side Effects ::

Mild GI disturbance, dizziness, tinnitus, reduction in reticulocyte and leucocyte counts, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, bradycardia, 1st-degree heart block, transient increase in serum transaminases.

Pregnancy category ::
Pregnancy category


Drug Mode of Action ::  

Artemether is a potent and rapidly acting blood schizontocide, which is highly efficacious in treating chloroquine-resistant falciparum malaria, and complicated falciparum malaria including cerebral malaria. Its quick onset of effect and high efficacy in bringing down the parasite load are the properties which make this drug a suitable therapeutic option against falciparum infection.

Drug Interactions ::

Artemether causes QT prolongation in some patients. Thus concomitant use of erythromycin, terfenadine, procainamide, quinidine, disopyramide, amiodarone, bretylium, bepridil, sotalol, astemizole, probucol, tricyclic antidepressants, phenothiazines may be avoided.


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