The Brand Name DURAMOR Has Generic Salt :: Morphine 

DURAMOR  Is From Company Biological E. Priced :: Rs. 30.50/55.00

DURAMOR have Morphine is comes under Sub class #N/A of  Main Class #N/A

Main Medicine Class:: #N/A  Sub Medicine Class :: #N/A 

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Morphine  TAB  Rs. 30.50/55.00  10-Oct
Brand Name Company / Manufacturers Strength Unit Price / 10-Oct
 DURAMOR  Biological E.  10/30;MG(C.R.)  10-Oct Rs. 30.50/55.00

Company  Brand Name  Salt Combination Main Medical Class Sub Medical Class
 From Biological E. :: DURAMOR  Morphine  #N/A #N/A

Indications for Drugs ::

Pain, MI, Unstable angina, Intractable cough, Acute pulmonary oedema, Analgesia during labour

Drug Dose ::

Adult: PO Pain relief 5-20 mg 4 hrly. Intractable cough associated w/ lung cancer As oral soln: Initial: 5 mg 4 hrly. IV Pain associated w/ MI 10 mg, then a further dose of 5-10 mg if needed. Acute pulmonary oedema 5-10 mg. Unstable angina unresponsive to anti-ischaemic therapy 2-5 mg repeated every 5-30 mins as needed. Acute pain Initial: 2.5 mg 4 hrly, adjust according to response. IM/SC Acute pain 10 mg 4 hrly, adjust according to response. Premed in surgical procedures Up to 10 mg 60-90 mins pre-op. Analgesia during labour 10 mg. Intrathecal Moderate to severe pain 0.2-1 mg on a single occasion. Intraspinal Moderate to severe pain Initial: 5 mg epidural inj; after 1 hr, additional doses of 1-2 mg may be given if needed. Total dose: 10 mg/24 hr.

Contraindication ::

Respiratory depression, acute or severe asthma; paralytic ileus; obstructive airway disease; acute liver disease; comatose patients; increased intracranial pressure; acute alcoholism. Pulmonary oedema resulting from a chemical respiratory irritant.

Drug Precautions ::

Elderly; hypothyroidism; renal and liver disease; head injury, intracranial lesions; hypotension, circulatory shock; adrenocortical insufficiency; asthma; prostatic hyperplasia; inflammatory or obstructive bowel disease; myasthaenia gravis; infants <3 mth; pregnancy, lactation; hypovolaemia, biliary tract disorders. Drug Side Effects ::

Convulsions; nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, constipation; urinary retention; headache, vertigo; palpitations; hypothermia; pruritus, urticaria; tachycardia, bradycardia; blurred vision; miosis; dependency; drowsiness; lightheadedness; dizziness; sweating; dysphoria; euphoria. Potentially Fatal: Respiratory depression; circulatory failure; hypotension; deepening coma; anaphylactic reactions.

Pregnancy category ::
Pregnancy category


Drug Mode of Action ::  

Morphine is a phenanthrene derivative which acts mainly on the CNS and smooth muscles. It binds to opiate receptors in the CNS altering pain perception and response. Analgesia, euphoria and dependence are thought to be due to its action at the mu-1 receptors while resp depression and inhibition of intestinal movements are due to action at the mu-2 receptors. Spinal analgesia is mediated by morphine agonist action at the K receptor.

Drug Interactions ::

Additive depressant effects w/ other CNS depressants (e.g. sedatives, hypnotics, general anaesth, phenothiazines, other tranquilisers). May enhance the neuromuscular blocking action of skeletal muscle relaxants. Reduced analgesic effect w/ mixed agonist/antagonist opioid analgesics (e.g. pentazocine, nalbuphine, buprenorphine). Increased plasma concentrations w/ cimetidine. May reduce the efficacy of diuretics by inducing the release of antidiuretic hormone. May delay the absorption of mexiletine. May antagonise the GI effect of cisapride, domperidone and metoclopramide. May produce hyperpyrexia and CNS toxicity w/ dopaminergics. Potentially Fatal: MAOIs intensify the effect of morphine resulting to severe and even fatal events (e.g. anxiety, confusion, resp depression, sometimes leading to coma).


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