Details About Generic Salt ::  Human Menopausal Gonadotrophins 

Main Medicine Class:: #N/A   Sub Medicine Class ::  #N/A

also comes under 11B. Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction/Libido/Infertility in 11. Reproductive System
PK: E: Urine (~10% as unchanged drug)

Indications & Dose: FEMALE INFERTILITY IM/SC Adult Human menopausal gonadotrophin is administered to provide 75-150U/day of FSH, increase dose as required. Once adequate response is achieved, stop the therapy & after 1 or 2 days administer chorionic gonadotrophin (5, 000-10, 000U as single dose). During menstruation, initiate therapy within the first 7 days of menstrual cycle. The individual course should not exceed 12 days, course may be repeated at least twice if needed. Alternate regimen: 3 equal doses each providing 225-375U of FSH on alternate days, then chorionic gonadotrophin 1 wk after the first dose | IN VITRO FERILIZATION & OTHER ASSISTED CONCEPTION TECHNIQUES IM/SC Adult Human menopausal gonadotrophin is administered to provide 75-300U FSH/day given on 2nd or 3rd day of the menstrual cycle. Continue therapy until adequate response is obtained & final injection of human menopausal gonadotrophin is followed 1-2 days later with chorionic gonadotrophin (10, 000U) or with clomifene/gonadorelin analogue | MALE INFERTILITY IM/SC Adult 75-150U of FSH two/three times weekly with chorionic gonadotrophin for at least 3-4 months

Contra: Abnormal genital bleeding, hormone sensitive malignancies, ovarian cysts, tumors of pituitary/hypothalamus

Precautions: Pelvic examinations, patients who experience ovarian enlargement are at risk of rupture, rule out infertility caused by hypothyroidism/adrenocortical deficiency/hyperprolactinemia/tumors of the pituitary/hypothalamus

ADR: Serious: Ovarian hyperstimulation, increased risk of multiple pregnancy & miscarriage, pleural effusion, thromboembolism, ascites, hypersensitivity reactions, hypovolemia, rupture of ovarian cysts & intraperitoneal hemorrhage, Others: joint pain, Inj site reactions, fever, gynecomastia, acne, weight gain, acute abdominal pain, GI disturbances, headache

Monitor: Human chorionic gonadotropin levels, serum estradiol, vaginal ultrasound; In case of suspected OHSS: fluid intake & output, weight, hematocrit, Se & urinary electrolytes, urine specific gravity, BUN, SeCr & abnormal girth

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