Details About Generic Salt ::  Loperamide 

Main Medicine Class:: Gastrointestinal System   Sub Medicine Class ::  Anti Diarrheal

PK: A: Poor M: Hepatic E: Urine & feces (1% as metabolites, 30-40% as unchanged drug)

Indications & Dose: DIARRHEA Acute PO Adult Initially 4mg followed by 2mg after each loose stool max 16mg/day Child Initially (in first 24h): 1mg TID (13-20 kg), 2mg BID (20-30 kg), 2mg TID (>30 kg). MD 0.1mg/kg doses after each loose stool, but not exceeding initial dosage | Chronic PO Adult 4-8mg/day in divided doses Child 1 month-1 yr: 100-200µg/kg BID max 2mg/kg/day in divided doses, 1-12 yr: 100-200µg/kg, max 2mg 3-4 times/day, 12–18 yr: 2–4mg BID/QID max 16mg/day | TRAVELER’S DIARRHEA PO Adult Initially 4mg after first loose stool, followed by 2mg after each subsequent stool, max 8mg/day Child 6-8 yrs: 2mg after first loose stool, followed by 1mg after each subsequent stool, max 4mg/day, 9-11 yrs: 2mg after first loose stool, followed by 1mg after each subsequent stool, max 6mg/day, >12 yrs: Same as adult dose

Contra: Hypersensitivity, abdominal pain without diarrhea, children <2 yrs, as primary therapy in acute dysentery, acute UC, bacterial enterocolitis, pseudomembranous colitis, should not be used when inhibition of peristalsis is to be avoided, abdominal distension, acute IBD, antibiotic-associated colitis

Precautions: Hepatic disease, elderly, should not be used alone in patients with dysentery

ADR: Serious: Toxic megacolon, paralytic ileus, hypersensitivity reactions, Others: Drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, abdominal pain/distention/discomfort, dry mouth, allergic reactions

DDI: Serious Saquinavir bioavailability reduces & increases bioavailability of drug, Ritonavir increases plasma level of drug, Quinidine leads to respiratory depression

Diet: With/without food

Monitor: Assess cause for diarrhea before administering first dose

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