Details About Generic Salt ::  Rituximab 

Main Medicine Class:: Musculoskeletal Disorders , Pain   Sub Medicine Class ::  Drugs for Arthritis,Osteoporosis

also comes under 12C. Drugs for Arthritis/Osteoporosis in 12. Musculoskeletal Disorders & Pain,  
PK: A: Rapid (IV) D: 3.1L E: Uncertain

Indications & Dose: CHRONIC LYMPHOCYTIC LEUKEMIA IV Adult 375mg/m2 as inf on the day prior to fludarabine/cyclophosphamide in cycle 1, then 500mg/m2 on day 1 (q28 days) of cycles 2-6 | NON-HODGKIN’S LYMPHOMA IV Adult Relapsed/refractory, low-grade or follicular CD20-positive, B-cell: 375mg/m2 as inf once weekly for 4 or 8 doses. Retreatment following disease progression: 375 mg/m2 once weekly for 4 doses | IV Adult Diffuse large B-cell, follicular, CD20-positive, B-cell, previously untreated: 375mg/m2 given as inf on day 1 of each chemotherapy cycle for up to 8 doses | RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS IV Adult 1g as inf on days 1 & 15 in combination with methotrexate; subsequent courses may be given q 24 wk (based on clinical evaluation), if necessary may be repeated no sooner than q16wkDiluted in Nacl (0.9%)/ glucose (5%) to a final concentration of 1 & 4 mg/mL. 1st infusion is given at a rate of 50mg/h; subsequently increased in increments of 50mg/h q30 min to max 400mg/h. If well tolerated, subsequent doses may be begun at a rate of

Contra: Type 1 hypersensitivity/ anaphylactic

Precautions: Patients with pulmonary tumor infiltration/pulmonary insufficiency, withdraw drug if viral hepatitis occurs, CVD, pre-existing pulmonary disease, elderly, RA, wegener’s granulomatosis

ADR: Serious: neuropathy, blood disorders, myalgia, bronchospasm, anaphylaxis, ARF, peripheral edema, HTN/Hypotension, angioedema, infusion-related reactions, SJS/TEN, Others: dyspnea, increased ALT, hyperglycemia, fever, fatigue, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, arthralgia, rash, chills, headache

DDI: Serious Clozapine leads to agranulocytosis

Monitor: CBC, platelet count, renal and cardiac functions, fluid balance, vital signs

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