Details About Generic Salt ::  Tranexamic acid 

Main Medicine Class:: #N/A   Sub Medicine Class ::  #N/A

PK: D: Extensive E: Urine

Indications & Dose: HEMORRHAGE Short-term therapy PO Adult 1-1.5g 2-4 times/day Child 1 month–18 yr: 15–25mg/kg BID/TID max 1.5g | IV Adult Inj: 0.5-1g (slowly) TID, Inf: 25-50mg/kg/day Child 1 month–18 yr: 10mg/kg over 10 min as inj BID/TID max 1g BID/TID or 45mg/kg/day as inf | HEREDITARY ANGIOEDEMA PO Adult 1-1.5g BID/TID Child 1 month-18 yr: 15-25mg/kg BID/TID max 1.5g | IV Child 1 month-18 yr: 10mg/kg over at least 10 min as inj BID/TID max 1g or 45mg/kg over 24h as inf | MENORRHAGIA PO Adult 1.3g TID 5 days during monthly menstruation | PREVENTION OF EXCESSIVE BLEEDING AFTER DENTAL PROCEDURE PO Child 6–18 yr: Pre-operative 15–25mg/kg max 1.5g, post-operative 15–25mg/kg BID/TID max 1.5g 8 days | IV Adult Pre-operative: 10mg/kg, then 10 mg/kg/doseTID/QID, may be used for 2-8 days Child 6–18 yr: Pre-operative 10mg/kg max 1.5g

Contra: hypersensitivity, acquired defective color vision, active intravascular clotting, subarachnoid hemorrhage

Precautions: visual defects, ureteral obstruction, renal impairment, disseminated intravascular coagulation, vascular disease

ADR: Serious: hypotension, thrombotic complications, disturbance of colour vision, hypersensitivity skin reactions, seizure, Others: GI disturbances, giddiness, allergic dermatitis, unusual menstrual discomfort, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headache, abdominal pain, arthralgia

DDI: Serious Tretinoin leads to fatal thrombotic complications

Diet: With/without food

Monitor: Ophthalmic examination


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