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DefinitionAccording to dictionary definition  Dystonia is a movement disorder that causes involuntary contractions of your muscles. These contractions result in twisting and repetitive movements, sometimes they are painful. Dystonia can affect just one muscle, a group of muscles or all of your muscles.    Signs and SymptomsAccording to dictionary definition  Symptoms can include:1. Tremors2. Voice problems3. Dragging footSymptoms often start in childhood. They can also start in the late teens or early adulthood. Some cases worsen over time. Others are mild.  Causes and Risk FactorsAccording to dictionary definition  Common risk factors include:1. Family history2. Certain diseases3. Problem in the part of the brain that handles signals for muscle contractions  TreatmentAccording to dictionary definition  Doctors use medicines, Botox injections, surgery, physical therapy, and other treatments to reduce or eliminate muscle spasms and pain.  NIH: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke



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