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DescriptionAccording to dictionary definition  Cough is a common problem that obstructs the air passage and makes breathing troublesome. It is caused due to an infection and based on the severity, can be categorised as acute, sub-acute, persistent or chronic cough. Chronic cough usually lasts for more than 8 weeks. Cough can affect both adults and children.  Signs and SymptomsAccording to dictionary definition  Common symptoms of cough are:1. Pain in chest due to regular coughing2. Disrupting sleep pattern3. Headache as a result of continuous coughing4. Fatigue  5. In a few cases, excessive sweating  Causes and Risk FactorsAccording to dictionary definition  Some of the factors that are listed as triggers for cough are:1. Exposure to environmental pollution such as smoke and dust2. Smoking3. Pre-history of asthma4. History of bronchitis, sinusitis, or eosinophilic bronchitis5. Bacterial infection in lower respiratory tract6. Pneumonia or other respiratory infections7. Inhalation of foreign particles that may cause irritation8. Cold weather  9. People on blood pressure management drugs can also develop chronic cough (drug induced cough)  InvestigationsAccording to dictionary definition  1. Your doctor may physically examine you.2. You may be recommended to perform laboratory tests to identify scope of any infection such as sputum evaluation.3. Other tests may include:  a) Pulmonary functioning test (gives an evaluation for lungs and air passage)b) Bronchoscopyc) Chest radiographyd) CT scane) Chest x-ray  TreatmentAccording to dictionary definition  Medications include:a) Antibioticsb) Bronchodilators and steroidsc) Cough suppressantsd) Anti-allergic tablets are prescribed to reduce allergic cough.  PreventionAccording to dictionary definition  To prevent cough try the following:1. Include fruits (rich source of flavonoids) in your diet  2. Try ginger tea3. Avoid smoking and tobacco products  



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