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DefinitionAccording to dictionary definition  An allergy is a reaction by your immune system to something that does not bother most other people. People who have allergies often are sensitive to more than one thing.  Causes and Risk FactorsAccording to dictionary definition  Substances that often cause reactions are:1. Pollen2. Dust mites3. Mold spores4. Pet dander5. Food6. Insect stings7. MedicinesIn most allergic reactions, however, it is responding to a false alarm. Genes and the environment probably both play a role.  Signs and SymptomsAccording to dictionary definition  Allergies can cause a variety of symptoms such as:1. Runny nose2. Sneezing3. Itching4. Rashes5. Swelling6. AsthmaAllergies can range from minor to severe. Anaphylaxis is a severe reaction that can be life-threatening.  InvestigationsAccording to dictionary definition  Doctors use skin and blood tests to diagnose allergies.  TreatmentAccording to dictionary definition  Treatments include:1. Medicines2. Allergy shots3. Avoid triggers  NIH: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases



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