Ryle’s tube


  • Is a nasogastric tube, 1 meter long, made of syn­thetic transparent material.
  • It is passed from the nose into the stomach for feed­ing and for suction of gastric contents.
  • The tip is blunt and rounded with a lead pellet inside it.
  • The lead pellet makes the tube heavy and straight at the tip and also makes it visible on x-ray.
  • There are a number of side small holes away from the tip for suction of gastroduodenal contents and for feeding.
  • There are three circular marks over the tube. The first mark is about 40 cm. from the tip and indicates that the gastroesophageal junction has been reached.
  • The next mark is at 50 cms and marked by 2 circular lines.
  • This indicates that the tube has reached the body of the stomach.
  • The third mark consists of 3 circular lines 60 cms from the end and indicates that the tube has reached the pylorus.




  • It is a thick red rubber hollow tube with an opening at both ends.
  • It is used to relieve distention of abdomen due to gas.
  • The end which is introduced into the rectum in cases of gaseous distention is open at the tip and the end which stays outside has side or end hole for gas.
  • The tube is introduced into the rectum after proper lubrication with patient in left lateral position and the other end is dipped in water so that the escaping gas makes air bubbles.
This is short description about Ryley’s tube etc. there is more more detail about other instruments in other posts.


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