All about Bacterial Infections PLAGUE Caused by GramNegative Yersinia pestis SPECIES

  • GramNegative Yersinia pestis SPECIES with diagnosis Treatment Signs and symptoms

Any widespread contagious disease associated with a high death rate.  An often fatal disease caused by Yersinia pestis; the natural hosts are ground squirrels, wild rodents and rats, and the vector is the rat flea.

Bacterial InfectionsPLAGUE Caused byGramNegative Yersinia pestis



  • plague is one of the most horrible disease at old time,
  • now a days this plague is almost eliminated, but in some countries of world some cases are detected at time to time.
  • Plague is an acute febrile illness caused by infection with Yersinia pestis.
Yersinia pestis 2
Yersinia pestis


  • The plague bacteria is transmitted to humans by flea bite, or by contact, or by airborne droplets from in­fected wild rodents (rats).
plague bacteria is transmitted to humans by rats
  • there is most common carrier is this flea, which lies at rats body, which causes a advance role in distributing of this dangerous disease.
  • The different forms of plagues are bubonic, septice­mic and pneumonic.
plague bacteria is transmitted to humans by flea


  • Plague is characterized by fever and sometimes shock, multiorgan failure and death.
  • It can also cause meningitis, endophthalmitis, and lymphadenitis.

signs and symptoms of plague


signs and symptoms of plague

classification of plague — Bubonic plague

  • There are chills, fever, myalgias, arthralgias, head­ache, with tender lymph nodes proximal to site of entry of plague bacillus. The inguinal, axillary and cervical lymph nodes are commonly involved.
Septicemic plague

Septicemic plague


  • This is a progressive and serious gram-negative in­fection. It presents with nausea, vomiting, fever, di­arrhoea and pain. It can be fatal.
Pneumonic plague signs and symptoms


  • in pneumonic plague there is clear findings are present in x-ray
  • X-ray playes a major role in differential diagnosis of this pneumonic plague from other chest disease,
Pneumonic plague x-ray findings


Pneumonic plague


  • There is sudden onset of fever, chills, headache, myalgias, dyspnoea, chest pain, cough and expecto­ration, hemoptysis, circulatory collapse and even death.


complete cycle of  Yersinia pestis plague


complete cycle of  Yersinia pestis plague


Diagnosis of plague  —

  • It is by examination of specimen of blood,
  • lymph node aspirate,
  • sputum,
  • pulmonary aspirates,
  • or CSF, for the organisms.

Treatment of plague

  • Streptomycin,
  • Gentamycin,
  • tetracycline,
  • Doxycycline,
  • Chloramphanecol.

plague vaccine —

  • A vaccine made either from a crude fraction of killed plague bacilli, Yersinia pestis, or synthetically from recombinant proteins.
  • It is rarely used, except in a laboratory or for field workers in areas where plague is endemic.


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