Poisoning And Antidotes In Children  

some useful important poisioning in children , and antidotes of them,

Poisoning And Antidotes

Poisoning And Antidotes In Children

1. Amphetamines Poisoning (Toxic dose 50mg) Chlorpromazine 1mg/kg I.M. or IV.
Treatment should be started if ingestion is >2mg
2. Anticholinergics Poisoning Give physostigmine 0.02mg/kg/dose,
(eg. Atropine, belladonna) upto max. 2mg LV., S.C. or I.M. till desired
effect is observed.
3. Benzodiazepines Poisoning Give flumazenil in incremental doses of 0.1 mg, 0.2mg, 0.3mg,
O.Smg LV. at 1 minute intervals until the desired effect is observed
4. Cyanide Poisoning Amylnitrite inhalation for 30 seconds
(Lethal dose 200-300mg) every minute and use a new pearl every
3 minutes till LV. access and sodium nitrite infusion is available.
Give sodium nitrite 3% solution, 0.2-0.4ml/kg, infused IV over
absolutely no less than S minutes, then infuse sodium thiosulphate
12ml/kg (max. SOml) of 2S% solution over 10 minutes. Average
paediatric dose of amyl nitrite is 0.12-0.33mVkg upto 1 Oml, infused
as above.
S. Heparin Poisoning Protamine sulphate 2.SS.0mg/kg loading dose followed by 1-
2.Smg/kg LV. every 4 hrly, to be given slowly over S minute.
6. Methyl alcohol Poisoning 10ml/kg of 10% solution of ethyl alcohol LV. as loading dose and
then 1.Sml/kg/hr. infusion.
Oral: 1 mVkg of 9S% ethyl alcohol in fruit juice over 30minutes
and then 0.lS-0.3mVkg/hr as SO% ethyl alcohol in fruit juice.
7. Morphine and Other opiates Poisoning Naloxane O.lmg/kg/dose LV., Max. dose
in children is 2mg.
8. Organophosphorus poisoning Do adequate atropinization by atropine
O.OSmg/kg/I.V. every S-10min, until secretions are dried.
Give PAM (Pralidoxime); 2SS0mg/kg diluted to S% in normal
saline and infused over S-30minutes. May be repeated after 1 hr.
and then 6-12hriy.
9. Phenothiazine and Metoclopramine Poisoning Diphenhydramine 1-2mg/kg I. V. every
(Extrapyramidal effects) 30min, may be repeated after 3-4hr. I.M.
or PO. Max 300mg/day.
10. Propranolol (b-blockers) Poisoning Do atropinization by atropine 0.1-0.2mglkg/dose S.C. and maintain
for 1 day and then taper in the next 24hr. Then infuse SO-lS0
mco/ko of olucaoons bolus followed by SOmcg/kg/hr.
11. Warfarin Poisoning Vii K S-10mg I.M. or LV.


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