Details About Generic Salt ::  Nevirapine 

Main Medicine Class:: Anti Infectives   Sub Medicine Class ::  Anti Retrovirals (Drugs for HIV)

PK: A: Well absorbed D: 1.2 L/kg (Vd) M: Hepatic E: Urine

Indications & Dose: HIV INFECT Combination therapy PO Adult Initially 200mg OD 2 wk, then increased to 200mg BID (with other anti-retrovirals) if there is no rash/untoward effects during initial dosing period Child 15 days-8 yr: 4mg/kg/day 2 wk, increase to 7mg/kg BID if there is no rash, 8-16 yr: 4mg/kg/day 2 wk then 4mg/kg BID

Contra: Severe hepatic impairment, occupational/nonoccupational postexposure prophylaxis regimens

Precautions: Moderate hepatic impairment, renal impairment, chronic hepatitis B/C, high CD4 cell count, avoid in women with a CD4 cell count >250 cells/mm3, avoid in men with a CD4 cell count >400 cells/mm3, hold the drug in patients who suffer severe rash/rash accompanied by constitutional symptoms/hypersensitivity reactions/clinical hepatitis

ADR: Serious: hepatitis, angioedema, hypersensitivity reactions, SJS, TEN, granulocytopenia, Others: Nausea, arthralgia, anemia, headache, abdominal pain, fatigue, fever, myalgia, diarrhea

DDI: Serious Efavirenz/Clarithromycin/Indinavir/Lopinavir/Methadone/Ritonavir activity reduces by drug, Ethinyl estradiol decreases contraceptive plasma levels, Rifampicin decreases peak plasma level of drug, Voriconazole increases adverse effects of drug, Fluconazole increases drug level, Ketoconazole/Itraconazole/Nelfinavir level decreases by drug, Rifabutin level increases by drug, Anti-neoplastics/Anti-Arrhythmics/CCBs/Ergot derivatives/Opioids plasma level decreases by drug, Warfarin plasma level increases by drug

Diet: With/without food

Monitor: CBC, viral load, LFTs


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