Details About Generic Salt ::  Olanzapine 

Main Medicine Class:: Nervous System   Sub Medicine Class ::  Anti Psychotics

PK: A: Well absorbed D: Vd:1000L, Extensive M: Hepatic E: Urine(57%, 7% as unchanged drug), feces (30%)

Indications & Dose: BIPOLAR ACUTE MIXED OR MANIC EPISODES Combination therapy PO Adult Initially 10mg OD usual range 5-20mg/day, max 20mg/dayWith lithium or valproate | Mono therapy PO Adult Initially 10-15mg OD, increase by 5mg/day at intervals of not less than 24h, MD 5-20mg/day, max 20mg/day | DEPRESSION ASSOCIATED WITH BIPOLAR DISORDER Combination therapy PO Adult Initially 5mg in evening, usual range 5-12.5mg/dayWith fluoxetine | RAPID CONTROL OF AGITATION A& DISTURBED BEHAVIOUR IM Adult Initially 5-10mg followed by 5-10mg after 2h, 3 inj should be given in a day. Injections may be given for up to a max of 3 days | SCHIZOPHRENIA PO Adult Initially 5-10mg OD, increase to 10mg OD within 5-7 days, then adjust by 5mg/day at 1-wk intervals, max 20mg/day, MD 10-20mg/day | TREATMENT-RESISTANT DEPRESSION PO Adult Initially 5mg in evening, adjust as tolerated to range of 5-20mg/day

Contra: Hypersensitivity, angle-closure glaucoma

Precautions: Hepatic impairment, CVD, cerebrovascular disease, prostatic hypertrophy, angle-closure glaucoma, paralytic ileus, phenylketonuria, DM, history of seizures, children, elderly, history of blood dyscrasias, bone marrow depression, myeloproliferative disease

ADR: Serious: NMS, severe hyperglycemia, coma, leukopenia, orthostatic hypotension, tardive dyskinesia, Others: dizziness, headache, weakness, fatigue, sedation, insomnia, tardive dyskinesia, rhinitis, pharyngitis, UTI, flu-like symptoms, joint pain, mood changes, agitation, extrapyramidal effects, dystonia, hypertonia, weight gain/loss, fever, abdominal pain, increased salivation, goiter, increased appetite, constipation, nausea, urinary incontinence

DDI: Serious Benzodiazepines causes excessive sedation & hypotension, Probenecid increases drug level, Alcohol increases postural hypotension & drowsiness, Antidiabetics increases risk of glucose intolerance, Ciprofloxacin leads to QT interval prolongation, Carbamazepine lowers drug level, Valproic acid lowers drug level & increases risk of hepatic injury in children, SSRIs rises drug level & increases adverse effects

Diet: With/without food

Monitor: Vital signs,fasting lipid profile & FBG/Hgb A1c, periodic assessment of hepatic transaminases,BMI,waist circumference,orthostatic BP,mental status,AIMS,EPS


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