Shira (Head) : –

  • In living beings, the head is the substratum of élan vital and of all the sense faculties. So it occupies the first place amongst all the vital organs of the body and also opines as the seat of Prana.
  • Head is the seat of Buddhi of sense organs and the channel carrying the sensory and vital impulses.
  • And are set in head as rays in the sun. If there is any partial damage, or disturbance of shira then most of serious disorders may take place in the body.(Ca.Su- 9/5) Shiroabhighata has been considered as one of the important causes of Kampavata.
  • Acarayas Caraka has listed many neurological disorders occurring to Shiroabhighata including Spandana/Kampa (Ca.Si.–9/6) Kasayapa has considered the origin of Snayu from Mastitishka (Kasaypa : Sha) and the involvement of Snayu in Kampavata isvery evident (Su.Ni.–1/27)
  • Govinda Dasa opines that Mashtishka Vepan occur due to impairment in Mashtishka it self (Bh. R. Parishishta) Acarya Bhela has accepted the Shira as the seat of Mana (Bhela Unmada Chikitsa) Pranavaya which is located in head helps in all the functioning of Manas and Buddhi (Su.Sh- 8/7) thus, both Manas and Vayu are closely connected to each other through Mashtishka.
  • The Mansika Lakshana (psychological symptom) like Avasada (depression) Smritihani etc are found community in Kampavata patients. Thus the involvement of Shira in pathogenesis of Kampavata seems to be evident.

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