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Description of SciaticaAccording to dictionary definition  Sciatica is a condition where there is a lower back pain which is accompanied with pain in the buttock and one leg. The pain in the leg goes past the knees and further down to the foot. This pain can also cause weakness in the leg muscles.

The sciatic nerves are the largest nerves in the body. They extend from the spinal cord in the lower back and move down the buttock, the back of the leg and the foot.Sciatica can be differentiated from other back pain because while the pain begins in the back it moves down toward one lower extremity. The pain is mostly sharp and shooting type.  Signs and Symptoms of SciaticaAccording to dictionary definition  Common symptoms are:1. Pain is deep and severe and begins from the lower end on one side of the back and then proceeds down the buttock2. Pain is sharp2. Pain further moves down the leg and causes pain in the hip as well3. Numbness along with weakness in the muscles of the leg4. Due to severity of pain, the person is unable to move their foot.  Causes and Risk Factors of SciaticaAccording to dictionary definition  Inflammation of the sciatic nerve causes sciatica. Though there is no specific injury that causes the onset of sciatica. However, there are a number of causes, some of which are:1. Herniated disc (or slipped disc)2. Spinal stenosis where the canal carrying the spinal cord is narrowed and thus puts pressure on the sciatic nerve3. Spondylolisthesis is a condition where one backbone has slipped over another one resulting in pressure on the sciatic nerve and hence causing sciatica.4. Piriformis syndrome can also cause sciatica.5. Other common causes may include:a) Agingb) Pregnancyc) Osteoporosis  InvestigationsAccording to dictionary definition  1. Your doctor may ask you for the signs and symptoms.2. Your doctor may ask for your medical history and family history.3. You may be asked to get tests such as CT scan or MRI scan done.  Treatment of SciaticaAccording to dictionary definition  1. You doctor may recommend medicines to reduce pain.2. You will be recommended to have proper rest as well as stay active.3. Your doctor may be suggest surgery in severe case.



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