The Brand Name ALERGEX Has Generic Salt :: Pheniramine 

ALERGEX  Is From Company Jawa Ph. Priced :: Rs. 2.4

ALERGEX have Pheniramine is comes under Sub class #N/A of  Main Class #N/A

Main Medicine Class:: #N/A  Sub Medicine Class :: #N/A 

 Salt Name :  OR Generic Name Form Price : MRP /Probable Packing
Pheniramine  INJ  Rs. 2.4  2ML
Brand Name Company / Manufacturers Strength Unit Price / 2ML
 ALERGEX  Jawa Ph.  22.75MG/ML  2ML Rs. 2.4

Company  Brand Name  Salt Combination Main Medical Class Sub Medical Class
 From Jawa Ph. :: ALERGEX  Pheniramine  #N/A #N/A

Indications for Drugs ::

Allergic conjunctivitis, Allergic conditions, Motion sickness

Drug Dose ::

Adult: PO Allergic conditions; Prevention of motion sickness As maleate: Syr: 15-30 mg 2-3 times/day. Tab: Up to 45 mg 3 times/day. Max: 3 mg/kg/day. For motion sickness prevention: Take 1st dose at least 30 mins before travelling. Children aged 1-3 years: Half a measuring spoonful 2 or 3 times daily. Children aged 4-12 years: 1 measuring spoonful 2 or 3 times daily.

Contraindication ::

Symptomatic prostatic hypertrophy; neonates and premature infants.

Drug Precautions ::

May impair ability to drive or operate machinery. Has potential for abuse. Narrow angle glaucoma, asthma or severe CV disease. Antiemetic effect may mask signs of other conditions. Pregnancy and lactation. Elderly.

Drug Side Effects ::

Oral: Sedation. Hypersensitivity reactions. Lassitude, dizziness, tinnitus, inability to concentrate, incoordination, irritability, insomnia and tremors. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, colic, epigastric pain, anorexia, dryness of mouth and constipation. Urinary retention. Palpitations, headache. Blurred vision, increased intraocular pressure. Muscular weakness. Rarely, blood dyscrasias e.g. agranulocytosis, haemolytic anaemia. Ophthalmic: Temporarily enlarged pupils, eye redness (overuse).

Pregnancy category ::
Pregnancy category


Drug Mode of Action ::  

Pheniramine is an alkylamine derivative with histamine H1-receptor antagonist effects. It also has anticholinergic and moderate sedative effects.

Drug Interactions ::

May mask ototoxicity produced by aminoglycoside antibiotics. Potentially Fatal: Potentiation of CNS depression by alcohol, sedatives, opioids, barbiturates, hypnotics, narcoleptics. May increase antimuscarinic effect of MAOIs, atropine and TCAs.


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