Details About Generic Salt ::  Methoxsalen 

Main Medicine Class:: Skin   Sub Medicine Class ::  Anti Psoriatic Drugs

also comes under 15I. Anti-Psoriatic Drugs in 15. Skin,  
PK: A: Well absorbed M: Complete E: Urine

Indications & Dose: PSORIASIS PO Adult Up to 600µg/kg is given 1.5-3h before exposure to UVA light. Dose may be repeated 2-3 times/wk based on UV exposure with at least 48h intervals between doses. If minimal/no response, increase dose by 10mg after 15th PUVA treatment. | TP Adult Apply 0.15% 15min before UVA exposure or take whole body bath for 15min in methoxsalen solution, followed immediately by UVA exposure | VITILIGO PO Adult 20mg 2-4h before UVA exposure, repeat based on skin erythema & tenderness. Do not give on 2 consecutive days. | TP Adult Apply preparation containing 1% methoxsalen & immediately expose to UVA or wait up to 2h. After exposure wash the lesions & protect from light > 48h. Repeat once weekly

Contra: Porphyria, aphakia, melanoma/history of melanoma, invasive squamous cell carcinoma

Precautions: Hepatic impairment, should not sunbathe for 24h before & 48h after PUVA treatment, avoid exposure to sunlight for at least 8h after (oral therapy) or 12-48h & possibly for up to a week (topical)

ADR: Serious: bulla formation, acne form eruption, severe skin pain, edema, depression, severe pain, pigmentation alterations of skin/nails, onycholysis, Others: premature ageing of the skin/malignant cutaneous neoplasms, hypertrichosis, dizziness, headache, nausea/insomnia/nervousness

DDI: Serious Cyclosporine bioavailability increases, Caffeine clearance reduces, Theophylline levels increases, Melatonin metabolism inhibited, Phenytoin reduces drug level


Monitor: Ophthalmic examination

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