Details About Generic Salt ::  Streptomycin 

Main Medicine Class:: Anti Infectives   Sub Medicine Class ::  Aminoglycosides

PK: A: Poorly absorbed (PO), Well absorbed (IM) D: Extensive E: Urine

Indications & Dose: BRUCELLOSIS Combination therapy IM Adult 100mg bid 6 wk with doxycycline or 1g/day 2-3 wk | ENDOCARDITIS IM Adult Enterococcal: 1g q12h 2wks or 500mg q12h 4 wk with penicillin, Streptococcal: 1g q12h 1wk followed by 500mg q12h 1wk | MYCOBACTERIUM AVIUM COMPLEX INFECT Adjuvant therapy IM Adult 15mg/kg thrice weekly for first 2-3 months with macrolide, rifamycin & ethambutol for severe disease | PLAGUE IM Adult 15mg/kg q12h until patient is afebrile for at least 3 days | TUBERCULOSIS IM Adult Daily therapy: 15mg/kg/day, max 1g, DOT: 25-30mg/kg twice weekly followed by 25-30mg/kg thrice weekly, max 1.5g Child Daily therapy: 20-40mg/kg/day, max 1g/day, DOT: 25-30mg/kg twice weekly followed by 25-30mg/kg thrice weekly, max 1.5g

Contra: Hypersensitivity

Precautions: Renal impairment, neuromuscular disorders, hearing impairment, infants & neonates, elderly

ADR: Serious: ototoxicity, nephrotoxicity, difficulty in breathing, hypotension, neurotoxicity, arthralgia, convulsions, anemia, myocarditis, anaphylaxis, angioedema, Others: drowsiness, headache, drug fever, skin rashes, paresthesia, nausea, vomiting

DDI: Serious Coumarins decreases PT, Neuromuscular blockers fatal respiratory depression


Monitor: BUN, SeCr, LFT, CBC, signs & symptoms of ototoxicity

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