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DescriptionAccording to dictionary definition  Hypothyroidism is a condition where thyroid gland is less active. The amount of thyroid hormone produced is less than the optimum levels.The thyroid hormone is an essential metabolic hormone.It is seen in adults above the age of 40 years. It is more common in women.  Causes and Risk Factors  According to dictionary definition  1. Autoimmune thyroiditis,also known as Hashimoto €™s thyroiditis where body €™s immune system attacks and damage cells of thyroid gland2. Severe iodine deficiency3. Congenital birth defects4. Pregnancy  Symptoms and Signs  According to dictionary definition  Common symptoms are,  1. Weight gain2. Fatigue3. Constipation4. Cold intolerance5. Coarse, dry hair6. Brittle nails7. Dry, rough skin8. Hair loss9. Muscle cramps and frequent muscle aches10. Puffiness of face11. Depression12. Irritability13. Decreased concentration14. Memory loss15. Irregular menstrual cycles16. Decreased libido  Investigations  According to dictionary definition  1. Your doctor will ask you to get your Thyroid tests done.  a) Thyroid hormone levels consisting of T3, T4 levelsb) TSH levels2. Other tests to detect auto antibodies for thyroid3. Thyroid gland scan  Treatment  According to dictionary definition  1. Medications include,  a)Synthetic forms of the T4 thyroid hormone  Complications and When Should You See a Doctor  According to dictionary definition  1. Compensatory goiter- this occurs due to high levels of TSH secretion from pituitary gland.2. Low blood pressure3. Low blood sugar4. Severe depression5. Infertility6. Miscarriage7. Osteoporosis8. May result in heart failure or coma  



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