Details About Generic Salt ::  Bromphe1

Main Medicine Class::    

(brome-fen-AIR-uh-mee TAN-aten)
Tablets, chewable
12 mg
Oral suspension
12 mg/5 mL
Class: Antihistamine


Drugs Class ::

 Action Competitively antagonizes histamine at H1 receptor sites.

Indications for Drugs ::

 Indications Relief of sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, itchy nose or throat, and runny nose because of hay fever (allergic rhinitis) or other respiratory allergies.

Drug Dose ::


Brovex Suspension Adults and children 12 yr and older: PO 5 to 10 mL (1 to 2 tsp [max, 4 tsp/24 hr]).

Children 6 to under 12 yr: PO 5 mL (1 tsp [max, 2 tsp/24 hr]).

Children 2 to under 6 yr: PO 2.5 mL (½ tsp [max, 1 tsp/24 hr]).

Children 12 mo to 2 yr: PO 1.25 mL (¼ tsp [max, ½ tsp/24 hr]).

Brovex Tablets Adults and children 12 yr and older: PO 1 or 2 tablets (max, 4 tablets/24 hr).

Children 6 to under 12 yr: PO 1/2 to 1 tablet (max, 2 tablets/24 hr).

Children 2 to under 6 yr: PO ½ tablet (max, 1 tablet/24 hr).

Contraindication ::

 Contraindications Newborn or premature infants; nursing mothers; lower respiratory conditions including asthma; MAO inhibitor therapy or for 2 wk after stopping MAO inhibitor therapy; allergy to any component of product.

Drug Precautions ::


Pregnancy Category B. Lactation Undetermined. Elderly More likely to cause dizziness, sedation, and hypotension in the elderly. Special risk patients Use with caution in patients with hypertension, heart disease, asthma, hyperthyroidism, increased intraocular pressure, diabetes mellitus, prostatic hypertrophy, bronchial asthma.


Drug Side Effects ::

 Adverse Reactions

CARDIOVASCULAR: Hypotension; palpitations; tachycardia; extrasystoles. CNS: Drowsiness; headache; sedation; sleepiness; dizziness; disturbed coordination;fatigue; confusion; restlessness; excitation; nervousness; tremor; irritability;insomnia; euphoria; paresthesia; vertigo; hysteria; neuritis; convulsions. DERMATOLOGIC: Urticaria; drug rash. EENT: Blurred vision; diplopia; tinnitus; acute labyrinthitis; nasal stuffiness. GI: Dry mouth, nose, and throat; epigastric distress; anorexia; nausea; vomiting;diarrhea; constipation. GU: Urinary frequency; difficult urination; urinary retention; early menses. HEMATOLOGIC: Hemolytic anemia; hypoplastic anemia; thrombocytopenia; agranulocytosis. RESPIRATORY: Thickening of bronchial secretions; tightness of chest and wheezing. OTHER: Anaphylactic shock; photosensitivity; excessive perspiration; chills.

Drug Mode of Action ::  

 Action Competitively antagonizes histamine at H1 receptor sites.

Drug Interactions ::


Alcohol, barbiturates (eg, phenobarbital), tricyclic antidepressants (eg, amitriptyline), other CNS depressants: Effects may be enhanced by brompheniramine.

MAO inhibitors: Do not use in patients receiving MAO inhibitor therapy or within 14 days of stopping such treatment.

Tricyclic antidepressants (eg, amitriptyline): May prolong or intensify the anticholinergic effects of brompheniramine.

Drug Assesment ::


  • Obtain patient history, including drug history and any known allergies. Note history of narrow angle glaucoma, stenosing peptic ulcer, pyloric obstruction, prostatic hypertrophy, bladder neck obstruction, hyperthyroidism, asthma, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and concurrent or recent use of MAO inhibitors or oral anticoagulants.
  • Assess for allergy symptoms (eg, rhinitis, nasal congestion, sneezing, itchy, watery eyes) before and periodically throughout therapy.
  • Monitor patient for dizziness and excessive drowsiness. If note, hold medication and notify health care provider.
  • Monitor patient for CNS, CV, GI, RESP, and general body side effects. Inform health care provider if noted and significant.
  CNS depression and stimulation, dry mouth, fixed and dilated pupils, flushing, GI symptoms

Drug Storage/Management ::


  • Give prescribed dose q 12 hr without regard to meals. Give with food if GI upset occurs.
  • Shake suspension well before measuring dose.
  • Provide small amount of water or juice after administering chewable tablet.
  • Store tablets and suspension at controlled room temperature (68° to 77°F).

Drug Notes ::

 Patient/Family Education

  • Explain name, dose, action, and potential side effects of drug.
  • Advise patient to take q 12 hr as prescribed without regard to meals, but to take with food if GI upset occurs.
  • Advise patient that if allergy symptoms are not controlled not to increase the dose of medication or frequency of use but to inform health care provider. Inform patient that larger or more frequent dosing does not increase effectiveness and may cause drowsiness.
  • Advise patient that medication may cause drowsiness or dizziness and to not drive or perform other activities requiring mental alertness until tolerance is determined.
  • Caution patient that alcohol and other CNS depressants (eg, sedatives) will have additional sedative effects if taken with brompheniramine.
  • Caution patient not to take any OTC antihistamines while taking this medication unless advised by health care provider.
  • Advise patient to take sips of water, suck on ice chips or sugarless hard candy, or chew sugarless gum if dry mouth occurs.
  • Caution patient that medication may cause sensitivity to sunlight and to avoid excessive exposure to the sun or UV light (eg, tanning booths) and to use protective clothing and sunscreens until tolerance is determined.
  • If patient is to have allergy skin testing, advise to not take the medication for at least 7 days before the skin testing.
  • Advise female patient to notify health care provider if pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant, or are breastfeeding.
  • Instruct patient to stop taking drug and immediately report any of these symptoms to health care provider: dizziness or excessive drowsiness.
  • Caution patient to not take any prescription or OTC medications or dietary supplements unless advised to do so by health care provider.

Disclaimer ::

The Information available on this site is for only Informational Purpose , before any use of this information please consult your Doctor .Price of the drugs indicated above may not match to real price due to many possible reasons may , including local taxes etc.. These are only approximate indicative prices of the drug.


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