Majja Dusti :

  • Mastulunga situated in shira is also correlated with Majja.
  • Important functions of Majja are Sukraposhana, Preeti, and maintains of the Sneha of the body.
  • Its pathological states are Majja Vrittavata, Majja Virddhi, Majjakshaya and Majja Gatavata, Majja Vritta Vata is evident in Kampavata, which manifests as Pariveshtanam (cramps), Vinamana (flexed posture of the body) Jrimbhanam (yawning) and Shula (pain) which ceases by pressing with hand (Ca.Ci.-28/67). In addition the impairment in function of Majja can also lead to sexual dysfunction and Bhrama (A.H.) so it may be stated that impairment of Shirastha Majja may occur in Kampavata.
  • In Majja Dusti oral group provided (43.5%), of relief which was statistically highly significant (P<0.001) while Basti group provided (50.00%) relief which was statistically significant (P<0.001)

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